Thursday, September 17, 2020


                        Sometimes the studio is just as exciting as the finished work. It is

                        here where ideas, visions germinate. It's exciting for me to see work

                        in process, and to see all the materials used. It's one of the reasons 

                        we have 'Studio Tours' . This coming weekend you will have an 

                        opportunity to visit the 22 studios and artwork of the Uxbridge

                        Studio Tour community. Visit our website and plot out your visits.

                        Remember to book an appointment!



Thursday, September 10, 2020


                      Lots of paintings, but the very talented artists Gordon Reidt ( stone sculpture)

                      and Kirsty Naray ( glass and fibre sculpture) will be displaying their latest

                      work in our garden setting. Make youe appointment soon!

                         My studio is surrounded by trees. So it is no wonder that trees and forests

                         play a big part in my subject matter choices. Trees soothe the soul. When

                         you come and visit, not only the art is of interest but the calming pastoral



                                 Because of Covid our Uxbridge tour 2020 is offering a variety

                                of ways to visit your favourite artists. At my studio we will be

                                outdoors and indoors with all safety protocols in place. Just

                                never know where paintings will pop out!

Monday, September 7, 2020


                   I have many favourite subject matters. Mostly from nature even though I 

                   tend to interpret them abstractly. But, more and more non=objective subject

                   matter is slipping into my selection of works. This painting was a thank-you

                  gift to a local doctor for her extraordinary dedication during the covid crisis!