Friday, March 23, 2012

Our summer garden, photo by Susan

   This is a follow-up from my MUSINGS posting today. I find this quite profound
   and give credit to a wonderful thinker, Joan Chittister who always stands for a
   deeper truth:

    "Beauty does not stand alone in the universe, isolated and remote, under glass
    and precious for its rarity. Beauty is the bridge to justice. It is the lost beauty of nature
    that warns us against pollution. It's the beauty in a child's face that brings us to see
    the ugliness of racism. It's the beauty of life that brings us to rage against the
    injustice that obstructs it for anyone. Beauty is the glue that holds the world
        To bring peace, to nurture hope, to wage justice, then it is necessary to teach
    beauty or nothing is too valuable to be destroyed. We may well be spending
    far too much time teaching skills and productivity and efficiency and far too
    little time on music and art and poetry and flowers and literary appreciation.
    To raise a child well, we must seed a place in their soul for beauty. To live life
    fully, we must take time out for beauty."
                                                        BEAUTY BRIDGE TO JUSTICE

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