Tuesday, September 11, 2012

                                                   The gallery is beside the Scugog Library
                                                    on Water Street. The folks at the Library
                                                    were very helpful and supportive. Thank you
                                                    Sarah and Amy. The committee who
                                                    organize the Kent Farndale showed up
                                                    to help, and support the showing.
                                                    Thank you John van Bilsen( chair) for
                                                    your help and hanging around in case
                                                    anything was needed. John is a very
                                                    accomplished photographer. Maureen
                                                    Dorinda, also on the committee was very
                                                    present that day as well. Her work is
                                                    legendary in Scugog and beyond. Finally,
                                                    a special thank you to John Cruickshank,
                                                    who took these pictures and was very
                                                    kind in his support. Thanks to all!

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