Friday, July 12, 2013

The Sky
24 x 36
                              The process of artmaking is wonderful, in fact it is a deep
                              blessing and privilege. It takes a lot of time and that is time
                              blissfully spent. Unfortunately, for me, the painting energy
                              and creativity depletes my time and resources for social
                              media. But that is important too! I have been working on about
                              20 pieces since my last post ( ages ago!!) - all in various
                              stages of completion. Instead of waiting to complete works,
                              I'm going to post them in stages of development. It
                              allows followers ( are there any left? ) to see a bit of the

                              This piece, still unfinished, began a series whereby the
                              sky became an important feature. The foreground has been
                              adjusted several times and is still not fully resolved.
                              All this painting is from the imagination, so it's been
                              fun. As I write this my dear daughter Angela is beginning
                              the birthing process of Doug and her first child. God bless.

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