Friday, September 20, 2013

18 x 24
Mixed Acrylic
                               " (Perspective) can only be rediscovered by our willingness to
                               recognize that there is a natural balance between work and rest,
                               and that the constant striving for perfection is probably the surest
                               way of missing the mark altogether. We have to recognize that there
                               is an inbuilt rhythm in life to which we need to adjust so that
                               we can respond to its ebb and flow.
                               Such a recognition and adjustment will come about as we stop
                               and stand still in silence... " George H Gorman

                               This quote really speaks to me. It reminds me of my absolute
                               fascination with the ebb and flow of the ocean and waves.
                               A huge crashing wave is often followed by a quite interval, and
                               the rhythmic flow continues at amazing intervals. As artists
                               we balance work, concern, creative frenzy, and very quiet
                               still time. Back and forth between easel and life commitments.
                               Let's never give up the wondrous silence and reflection that
                               feeds both.

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