Friday, October 18, 2013

                               I have always been fascinated by and drawn to trees in a
                               forest setting. In the fall, it is an ideal and very poetic
                               setting. The cycle of life and the presence of a huge eco-
                               system is a source of much inspiration. Older trees have
                               spent many lifetimes contributing to our planet. Like older
                               people, their skin reflects the battles of the environment
                               and the test of time. This huge tree had fascinating bark
                               and I felt I needed to use abstraction to accentuate that
                               reality. Smaller, younger saplings to the right point to the
                               above-mentioned cycle of life. When we spend time with
                               our natural friends in the woods, often a deeper understanding
                               and respect ensues. This painting is on display during the Tour!

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