Saturday, November 2, 2013

                               This past week I've had 33 paintings on display at the McKay
                               Art Centre in Unionville. This gallery is associated with the
                               Varley Gallery down the street. The setting has a very historic
                               charm as Fred Varley ( Group of Seven) spent the later part of
                               his life living and painting here. Two very special people,
                               artists Margaret Grandison and her husband Ray McNeice were
                               responsible for the set up. It was amazing to watch them put
                               pieces together, adjust heights, etc. I am very thankful and
                               fortunate to have such friends. I love you both! My dear wife
                               Sue set up the reception, took pictures, and helped talk to the
                               very supportive people who came today. My children as always
                               are a great cheerleading chorus. It was wonderful to see them
                               today. It has been a very interesting process. Future posts will
                               explore some of the many thoughts that I pondered this past week.
                               If you can, come by tomorrow.

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  1. Oh, my, beautiful hanging and wonderful (I should have put that in all caps) paintings. WOW. I would be hard pressed as a buyer to choose "a" painting. They are each a standout to me! Best to you and your family.