Friday, April 18, 2014

                               It's been a couple of weeks since the show I had at the McKay
                               Gallery in Unionville. Thank you to all the staff for their encourage-
                               ment and help. The crowds were quite big because of the newly
                               arrived and much needed warm weather. It is a very humbling
                               and transforming experience. All people who perform or work
                               in any public forum must feel some sense of exposure. It can
                               be quite daunting, and for me it is. But, it is also the opportunity
                               for growth, awareness. It is worth the risk. Again thank you to
                               Ray and Margaret for their tremendous support, Sue for her
                               ongoing and most loving encouragement, my wonderful family,
                               special supporter and long time buddy Joe, and all who came in
                               and took the time to look and critique.
                               This painting is the complete version of my earlier little tease.

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