Wednesday, July 17, 2013

                                          My wife Susan and I are about to undertake our
                                          20th annual 'Whitebread's Art Camp". Each summer
                                          we host two camps in our local community centres.
                                          Sue teaches crafts to half the group, I teach a wide
                                          range of drawing, painting, printmaking, and mixed
                                          media. This year the theme is 'African ' culture.
                                          Above are a small sampling of the projects the
                                         students will create. We give suggestions but encourage
                                         them to interpret in their own way. The age range
                                         is from 7 to 11. We are encouraged by the number of
                                         boys that sign up. We are very thankful to the
                                         Stouffville Library for administrating these
                                         programs. Unfortunately, they both fill up quickly
                                         each year. I'll post some of their work later.
                                         Let's be creative, because ARTISTS ROCK!!!!!

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