Monday, July 15, 2013

                                     This was a very green house on the water with the
                                     hills across the lake .This is the first adjustment to
                                     the initial block-in. There is much grass in the foreground.
                                     As my paintings tend not to be literal interpretations,
                                     the difficulty with grass is how to present grass so
                                     that it reads grass ( sort of ) but still fits in my
                                     design. Most of the painting thus far has little texture.
                                     If I make the foreground textured, do I need to
                                     balance that somewhere else in the painting?
                                     And, of course, what techniques will I use to
                                     create this texture? So far I've used a palette knife.
                                     Will continue with its progression. Be creative,
                                     and keep cool during the heat wave.

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