Tuesday, July 30, 2013

                                           Today I was reading Robert Genn's weekly
                                           musing which to summerize was about the
                                           fears ( excuses ) that keep us from the easel.
                                           Any artist of any form experiences these
                                           moments - hopefully not too often. When the
                                           creative, inner spirit gets too caught up in
                                           practical, analytical moments, sometimes
                                           the hum drum sets in which can lead to
                                           lots of fear and self-doubt. I constantly
                                           have to work at pausing to wonder at the
                                           extraordinary within the ordinary. Maybe
                                           I get too caught up in sales, praise, etc
                                           and forget about the miracle of responding
                                           to the beauty in front of me?
                                           I loved this boat ( drawing boats are not my
                                           strength) but just as wonderful is the setting.
                                           Finished, not sure... but it's well on it's way!
                                           Let's have lots of wonder-filled pause moments

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