Sunday, August 4, 2013

                         I continue on with the Newfoundland paintings. This piece reflects
                         a scene from Change Island just at sunset. It is 36 by 24 and this
                         represents the very first layer of block-in. Often I will lay in many
                         layers of transparent washes/glazes before I commit to my desired
                         or projected vision of where the painting might end up. Which brings
                         up the whole issue of spontaneity. How committed am I to my
                         initial plan? If happy surprises occur, am I willing to deviate from
                         the original plan? I think one should be flexible and open to a
                         different plan as long as design principles are not totally abandoned.
                         Here, in the above block-in, some pleasant colour and texture
                         surprises are already happening. Time to re-focus!
                         On a totally different issue, I am continually surprised at the
                         global expanse of viewers of this and other blogs. It is always
                         thrilling to receive emails about your reaction to art seen here
                         or about your journey. Love to know how you discovered this
                         blog. Keep creating!

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