Friday, August 9, 2013

                                        There is never any point debating taste. We all know
                                         what attracts our eye, even if we can't explain it.
                                         Some like very representational work, others love
                                         more interpretive and abstract work. And all the
                                         variations in between. I love to draw from life,
                                         When I draw from life I'm very aware of shape,
                                          values, proportions, etc. As I draw I find my
                                         intuitive side begins to kick in. Any one who views
                                         this blog can see that I tend to be more abstract.
                                         This is my first run at a vase of sunflowers after
                                         a quite literal rendering. The photo does not do
                                         justice to the textural surface. Much was done
                                         with palette knife. Lately I have shown many early
                                         stages of work. I will show development of these

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