Monday, September 23, 2013

                                   "True faith, is not assurance, but the readiness to go forward
                                   experimentally, without assurance. It is a sensitivity to things
                                   not yet known... For what we apprehend of truth is limited
                                   and partial, and experience may set it all in a new light; if
                                   we too easily satisfy our urge for security by claiming that
                                   we have found certainty, we shall no longer be sensitive to
                                   new experiences of truth."     Charles Carter

                                   Although Charles reference here is religious faith, I feel the
                                   same approach is called forth to stretch our horizons
                                   as we approach the easel each day. We must have the deepest
                                   respect for our ancestors and where they have brought us.
                                   But we are also called to question and explore new ground.
                                   Always building on the strong artistic foundation handed
                                   down to us. This picture is an abstraction of an old window
                                   in a Mexican home. There is little literal representation, but
                                   this the emotion the window evoked in me. It is mixed media.

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