Tuesday, September 24, 2013

                              I continue preparing for two upcoming shows. As all types of
                              artists know, it's a great juggling act- exercise, chores, golf,
                              paint, internet stuff, golf... better paint, but I want to golf!!
                              In this part of the world, fall is sublime. This leads me to
                              today's quote:
                              " ...if we would stand against the hurricane, we need roots
                              that run deep. I know that for all of us, on those rare occasions
                              when we have found the courage, the will, to put principle
                              above convenience, there is  a deep and profound gratitude
                              for a faith that goes beyond knowing."  Stephen G. Cary
                              In these days of all too frequent injustices, let's applaud those
                              stand up for the voiceless. We all need to move out of our
                              comfort zone, in all walks of life. Rereading, it sounds like
                              we have hurricanes, thankfully not of the nature kind!.

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